McCleaf's Orchard

Terms and Conditions


When it comes time to pay for your order, you agree to be liable for the entire amount of your share.  Payments must be made by May 15th.  After May 15th, your spot will be forfeited.  

After the first share begins, no refunds will be issued.  If you no longer want to participate we recommend you have another individual buy out your share.

We recognize our liability to you, our customer, and the trust you give us to pay ahead of the season for your produce.  We take this responsibility very seriously and will do our absolute best to provide you with bountiful produce, great customer service, and an enjoyable year.



In subscribing to our CSA, you become a partner with us in the life of a farmer. In doing this, you also share the risks that we have little control over - such as weather and pests. We incorporate smart irrigation, organic pest prevention techniques, grow on raised beds, and give our plants lots of TLC from the crack of dawn until sunset.   But please know you are sharing these risks that may possibly vary the amount of produce you receive.  


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