McCleaf's Orchard

McCleaf's Orchard

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McCleaf's Orchard Farm Staff
Corey and Vicky McCleaf (Owners)

Corey grew up helping farm fruit and vegetables on his family's land.  It was his grandfather, typically referred to as "Chubb," who inspired Corey's passion for growing food.  He made it fun to farm, a message still preached to this day on the farm.

After high school, Corey worked in construction and property management before returning to the farm to follow his dream of running his own orchard.  Soon after, while taking in fruit to the local processor, Corey met his future wife, Vicky, who classified apples for the company.  Vicky grew up in the mountains near Chambersburg, PA, never really thinking of farming, but loved being outside and living a tomboy lifestyle.

Around the time Corey and Vicky fell in love, Corey bought what would become "McCleaf's Orchard" from his grandfather on September 1 (Corey's Birthday) 1999.  The couple married in 2000 and now have 3 kids: Jacob, 12, Hannah, 10, and Daniel, 8.  

When not farming, Corey enjoys hunting, while Vicky is a mountain lover at heart and also likes listening to music.  They both are actively involved in their church and love spending time with their children, family, and dog, Lily.

Tino Madrigal

Tino, along with his cousins (see below), hail from Michoacan, Mexico.  Some of Tino's favorite things to do on the farm are picking peaches and pruning apples trees.  He is usually the guy driving the tractor around the farm.  He brings 5 years of growing experience to the farm and would love to speak with you at the farmer's market. 

Jorge Manzo

Jorge has been farming for about 3 years.  He can pretty much do it all, from operating the tractor to taking care of many necessary farm repairs.  One of his favorite things is to sell at one of our many markets.  Look for him there!

Alfonso Manzo

With almost three years of experience, Alfonso joins his cousins, Tino and Jorge, here at the farm.  Alfonso is especially interested in the vegetables side of the business, and hold a special affinity for garbanzo beans.  Look for him at one of our many markets!


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