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Our CSA is the best opportunity for customers to truly know their local farm and farmer.  We seek to provide authenticity, both in the food we produce and the relationship formed with you, the customer.

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So what drives our CSA?  The delicious produce, of course!  We put a strong emphasis on growing food that tastes good.  Not all tomatoes are created equal.  It’s one thing to get a fresh, local tomato, but it’s a whole different experience to bite into a fresh, local, Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter Heirloom tomato.  For this reason, we search far and wide to select unique and tasty seed varieties of ALL your favorite vegetables and let the produce speak for itself.


Our CSA is unique for several reasons.  First, we are a single farm CSA.  That means that every bit of produce you receive from us was grown by us and for YOU.  How’s that for knowing your farmer?  Second, because we are an orchard, fruit abounds in our CSA.  We think a good mix of veggies and fruit gives our subscribers a great balance and certainly satisfies that sweet tooth…something you will not find in many other CSAs. And finally, in addition to TASTE, we are all about QUALITY.  We harvest at the peak of ripeness to ensure the best tasting, most nutrient dense produce and typically have it to you less than 24 hours after harvest.


Even at high-end, local focused grocery stores, produce is many days, if not weeks, removed from the vine when it finally comes home with you.  We offer the freshest experience around and we are sure you can taste the difference.  We seek to bring customers and farmers into a more intimate relationship, cutting out the middle-man, resulting in better products at a reasonable cost.


You are probably curious about what we actually grow.  Check out our Fruit and Vegetable Ripening Charts to know when it's in season at our farm.


In subscribing to our CSA, you become a partner with us in the life of a farmer. In doing this, you also share the risks that we have little control over - such as weather and pests. We incorporate smart irrigation, organic pest prevention techniques, grow on raised beds, and give our plants lots of TLC from the crack of dawn  until sunset.   But please know you are sharing these risks that may possibly vary the amount of produce you receive. 


Each week you will receive a diverse selection of produce from our lush gardens, containing plenty of familiarities and favorites as well as some new and unfamiliar items. We encourage you to try something new to diversify your palate. Because we have found that folks will often grow fond of an item they previously had not tried or thought they did not like, we will provide recipes specially catered to our produce. 

So what could you expect from a typical (regular size) share?

Late Spring Summer Late Summer
1 -2 lbs Kale 6 Tomatoes 2 Eggplant
1-2 heads Broccoli 2 bulbs hardneck Garlic 4 Tomatoes
1 head Chinese Cabbage 1 lb Summer Squash 2 Colored Peppers
1 head Butterhead Lettuce 1 head Lettuce 3 Sweet Potatoes
1 quart Strawberries 2 lbs Potatoes 1/2 Pint Kiwi Berries
Bag of Salad Mix 2 Green Peppers 8 Apples
1 lb Asparagus 4 ears Sweet Corn 4 Plums
1 lb Swiss Chard 8 Peaches 1 Head Lettuce
Peppermint Pint of Sweet Cherries 1-2lbs Kale
  Basil Thyme














Thank you for giving us the opportunity to grow your food this summer. It is truly a privilege.

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A CSA is not for everyone.  Check out this helpful article for tips on choosing a CSA:


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