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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to answer any questions you might have:

Q. How long is the CSA season? A.

Main Season: 15 weeks long, Middle of June - Middle of September .  

Fall Season: 8 weeks long, Mid September - Mid November 

This year, CSA is only on TUESDAY.  


Q. How much food are we talking about here? A. The robust share box is recommended to feed 3-4 people with mixed diets or 1-2 vegetarians. The regular share is recommended to feed 2 people. We aim to include 6 - 10 different fruits or vegetables in each share.


Q. What produce can I expect in each box? A. We are unable to tell you EXACTLY what will be included in the box, but we aim to offer 6-10 vegetables or fruits per box.

Click here to see our Ripening Chart for Fruits and Vegetables.  


Q. Can I customize my box? A. The short answer is no. We hope that the CSA can encourage you to try new, unfamiliar vegetables or even give those ones you never ate as a kid another try.  If you have food allergies, we will be considerate of that.


Q. When and how do I pay? A. You will receive a confirmation email after completing the online order form complete with your total.  You will be able to pay with a credit card, paypal, or check/cash/money order.

Please make all checks payable to McCleaf's Orchard. And send to:


McCleafs Orchard

104 West Guernsey Rd.

Biglerville, PA 17307


Growing Methods:

Q. Do you grow organically? A. We are not certified organic, nor are we seeking it at this time.  Our focus is on stewarding and building a healthy and robust soil year after year.  The focus of building our fertility starts with cover crops.  We also amend our soil with organic matter, aged manures, compost,  and naturally occurring fertilizers.  We use both natural and synthetic pesticides at this time.  It really just depends what it is and what the pests are like that year.  We wish we didn’t have to use any sprays at all, but we also want to grow food and not sacrifice it to the bugs!  Nonetheless, we improve our operations every year towards creating more biodiversity, better soil, and healthier plants.  In our orchard, we are both IPM and GAP certified in our practices.  We highly encourage our CSA customers to drop by for a visit and see what we do in person.    



Adams County Residents - 

Farm Pickup

Pickup between noon - 6pm.  Your share will be clearly marked in our walk-in cooler.

 Q.  What happens if I can’t pick up my bag?  A.  If you’re running a little late you can give us a call. 717-677-0569 


Refunds and shortages:

Q. I absolutely hate this CSA. Can I have a refund? A. We will not issue a refund to you directly.  We encourage you to find another friend/co-worker who is willing to buy out your CSA.  That transaction does not involve McCleaf's Orchard.


Missed Weeks/Vacation:

Q. What happens if I'm on vacation or I miss a week?  A.  We do not offer make-ups or refunds for missed weeks or if you're on vacation.  However, we highly encourage you to have a friend or family member pick up your share.  It makes a great gift!  Just send us an email to notify us.  



McCleaf's Orchard   104 West Guernsey Rd. Biglerville PA 17307   717-357-2809  


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